Operations Management Services

Our highly skilled and certified chief operators know that routine utility operation is seldom routine. Water & Wastewater Services, LLC operators are trained and experienced with the most up to date technologies. Whether routine or non-routine, each chief operator assigned to a utility has access to the proper tooling, equipment, and resources to meet the requirements of any circumstance.

Maintenance Management Services

Capital investments needed for the dependable operation of utility service are specified to have a useful lifespan of decades. Useful life can be realized only with consistent monitoring, competent care, and predictive maintenance. Water & Wastewater Services, LLC is cognizant of the costs associated with maintaining water and wastewater utility infrastructure. Our Maintenance Management Services program is carefully designed to ensure capital assets continue to perform to their designed useful life specifications, and beyond.

Emergency Services

Each system managed by Water & Wastewater Services, LLC is provided with 24 hours/7 days a week paging services and an on-call operator to respond to emergency situations. The sole responsibility of the on-call operator is to assess the emergent condition and take immediate steps to resolve the issue.