Utility Account Refunds:

Water & Wastewater Services, LLC issues two different types of refunds on utility accounts:

-Refund due to services being terminated on final utility accounts. These credit balances will be refunded as part of the closing of an account.

-Refund due to an overpayment on an active utility account. Refunds on overpayments are not made automatically. Generally, if an overpayment occurs it will be applied to the next bill. At the customer’s request, a refund check will be processed within 15 working days, or a credit will be applied to the customer’s credit card.

In case of dispute, the key to speeding up the refund is having proof of payment. Proof of payment may be required by furnishing one of the following:

-Copy of front and back of cancelled check(s)

-Copy of register receipt from cashier.