Customer Billing, & Collections

Personal contact with our utility customers is much more than just rendering water bills and receiving payments. Providing exemplary customer service is the centerpiece of every activity we perform. Our office staff takes great pride in providing meaningful assistance to each utility customer. Conscientiously working within the governing rules and associated utility policies, our staff is trained to graciously serve individual customers who have special requirements, and to take positive action when necessary.

Customer Information Services

Water & Wastewater Services, LLC Customer Information Services personnel are well acquainted with all utility related activities. This enhances our ability to consistently provide prompt, accurate, up to date system information to an inquiring customer or an associated regulating community.

Meter Reading Services

Monthly meter reading is an essential routine task of any utility provider. This activity directly relates to a utility’s cash flow. The need for timely, accurate readings cannot be overstated. Our meter reading personnel report directly to the customer billing services department. This direct communication supports accuracy checks before utility bills are rendered.

Water & Wastewater Services, LLC meter readers serve as first line operators in the distribution and collection systems. This monthly visual inspection of each service connection facilitates prompt and proactive corrective actions to issues such as small system leaks, unauthorized water use and cross connection control.