Professional Bookkeeping Services

Water & Wastewater Services, LLC has a staff experienced in both public sector accounting and privately owned utility accounting. We understand the critical importance of accurate financial statements. Accurate statements are necessary to periodically gauge the current health of the utility and to effectively budget for the future. Whether a privately owned utility, a non-profit organization, or a public governmental entity, our bookkeeping department is on track with the latest accounting and reporting standards as well as the full disclosure requirements when dealing with a governmental entity’s public funds and private organizations.

Board Meetings, Mailings, and Other Administrative Services

Water & Wastewater Services, LLC understands how vital board meetings are to the utility system. Proper management and execution of board meetings reduce the risk of documentation errors and increase the efficient operation of the utility system. Water & Wastewater Services, LLC understands that many utility companies find it challenging to manage required mandatory board meetings. Our service supports the needs of the utility through the provision of timely and accurate documentation. This includes agendas, minutes, resolutions, and correspondence arising from board meetings.

Many utility systems have mailings and require other administrative duties necessary for the successful operation of the system. Water & Wastewater Services, LLC has a staff dedicated to providing administrative support specific to our wide variety of clients. Our staff has years of experience working with public and private utilities assisting them with a variety of mailings and other administrative services.